2017 The Roc ’03 Invitational AAA Rules


  1. General Information and Tournament Format
    We’re pleased to announce that this year’s tournament will play host to twenty-six (26) teams in our AAA Division and consist of six (6) pools of three (3) teams each and two (2) pools of four (4) teams each to create the most competitive environment.
  • Games will begin the morning of Friday, September 22nd. Your team will play three (3) preliminary round games, two (2) on Friday and one (1) on Saturday.
  • After preliminary round play concludes, the eight (8) pool winners move to the Gold/Silver championship bracket. The eight (8) 2nd place finishers will move to the Bronze bracket championship. The remaining 10 teams will be paired up to play two consolation games to close their weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. These match-ups will be set by the tournament committee when necessary.
  • Quarter-final games will be played Saturday afternoon/evening following the completion of pool play.
  • Following Championship games on Sunday, teams will be presented with player awards for the winning and finalist teams for each of the Gold/Silver/Bronze brackets. Time permitting, this will happen immediately following the game on the ice.
  • For each game, the head coach is required to sign off on the score sheet and a team representative will either provide roster labels or fill out the score sheet at least 30 minutes prior to the game. The score sheet will be held at BGRI Tournament Headquarters conference room prior to games, or the Hospitality table for any games taking place outside of BGRI. The coach can either stop in there prior to the game to sign or at the score booth prior to game if they do not have a chance to stop at headquarters. Following the game, score sheets will be returned to headquarters (or welcome table at outside of BGRI) and a coach or manager may pick up copies of at any time. Because it is a small conference room, we ask that only official team personnel (coaches or manager) come by the conference room with questions or to pick up score sheets, etc. Any general questions from parents and fans should be directed to the Tournament Hospitality tables in the main lobby of each rink.
  1. Tournament Rules
    A message from the Tournament Director:
    It is our intent to provide a fun and competitive tournament for all our participants, parents, spectators and sponsors. We will not tolerate improper and abusive behavior! It is the responsibility of each coach to control his team and exemplify good sportsmanship. We want to thank you for participating in our event as we expect to continue a unique ’03 tradition in which our children participate – and remember – for years to come.

The Game:
• USA Hockey rules will govern all tournament play.  This includes USA Hockey’s icing rule for team’s short-handed that was enacted this season.  Short-handed teams will be whistled for icing and the face-off will come back into their defensive zone.  Teams are still able to change after the icing.
• All games will consist of 15-15-15 minute stop-time periods.
• A three-minute warm-up will precede each game.
• ONE 30-second timeout is permitted per team in any preliminary round games.
• There will NOT be OVERTIME in any preliminary round games.
• Mercy Rule: If by, or at any time during, the third period one team is ahead by 6 goals or more, running time will commence and will revert back if the deficit is reduced to 3 goals. The mercy rule will not apply in playoff games. The official game results will be entered with full score
• Teams are asked to be ready 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their games in the event games are running early.
• There will be no curfew in effect.
• This is a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament. All USA Hockey rules shall apply.
• Minor penalties, (2:00) minutes each; Major penalties, (5) minutes; Game Misconduct, (10) minutes.
• Any player receiving FIVE minor penalties in one game will be ejected from the remainder of that game and from the team’s subsequent game.
• Game misconducts will result in a one game suspension. Warranted or not, all referees decisions to issue Game Misconducts are final and will not be overturned by anyone at .
• Match penalties and Gross misconduct will result in expulsion from the tournament.
Preliminary Round Qualifying:
• Teams earn (2) pts for a win, (1) for a tie in all preliminary round games.
• Tiebreakers (in order):
o Points earned.
o Head to head result (if applicable when two teams are tied)
o Wins (in your pool, excludes cross over game for teams in 3-team pool)
o Highest goal ratio or percentage in games within pool games. (GF/GF+GA).
o Least total goals allowed in pool play
o Most total goals scored in pool play
o Fewest penalty minutes; preliminary-round total.
o Coin Toss
Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Championship Games:
• All games will consist of 15-15-15 minute periods.
• ONE (30) second time out per team is allowed.
• If, at the end of regulation, the game is tied, following a 1 minute rest period, the following overtime will commence:
o Four (4) vs. Four (4) sudden victory overtime period will be played for ten (10) minutes. Each team will defend the same goal as they did during the 3rd period.
o In the event a tie remains after the 10 minute sudden victory overtime period, a THREE (3) player shootout will determine the winner. Coaches from each team must submit – prior to the start of each game – an ordered shootout lineup of the 3 players that will participate in the shootout.
o In the event a tie remains after the 3 player shootout, a sudden victory shootout will determine the winner. NO player shall shoot twice until such time as all rostered players (excluding goalies) have participated in the shootout.  Any player finishing the overtime period in the penalty box is ineligible for the shootout.  If that player was one of the pre-selected shooters, the coach must choose a replacement.

General Rules:
• Teams MUST bring two sets of jerseys. The HOME team will wear their light colored jersey.
• USA Hockey or Hockey Canada roster no later than September 20, 2017.
• All games will be officiated by officials registered with USA Hockey and NIHOA/RIHOA.
• Referees shall judge goals from the ice.
• The host rink will resurface the ice before each game.
• Teams will be responsible for any damage to dressing rooms and other arena facilities. Please report any apparent damage directly to BGRI personnel.
• Please obtain locker room keys from the front desk of The Regional Iceplex personnel.
• The host rinks will post locker room assignments on the schedule board located in the main lobby to the left as you enter the building.

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